Nathan Wamawungo aka Nutty Neithan is a dancehall/Reggae artist based in Uganda - Born on 5th May 1992. He was unaware that he would become a singer because the majority of his acquaintances only knew him as a dancer. However, he still had a musical spirit since, starting in 1997, he followed it. And in 2005, he was a member of the high school ensemble NAMS, which had originally performed at school events but had disbanded due to dance. Nutty began creating songs in 2011 and performing music professionally.

Nutty recorded his first song, "Good feeling," with Sweetlah in 2012 with the aid of his first manager, who also managed the dance group extreme media Uganda limited.

At the same studio, he later recorded “bounce it” with producer Katex. He had joined Infinity dance company at the time, another dance company. Maccy, the company’s owner, then introduced Nutty to a friend of hers named who was a member of the girl group Cashe 02. The remix of “bounce it” was created by Karole of Cashe 02 and Nutty, then it was reworked by Frank Pyret at Goodenuff Urban Records.

Nutty’s talent caught Aydee’s attention, and she made the decision to support him in his musical endeavors. So, good eye shot the Bounce It remix video in the middle of 2012. The ‘major’ media folks showed it a lot of respect. Djays and videographers recognized it.

Aydee also introduced him to “Lyrikal Proof,” one of Uganda’s top hip hop producers, with whom he recorded the huge urban song “roll with me.” Nutty later collaborated with Barbi Jay of jahlive to form the group “skye zone”. A variety of artists with various genres were combined. Fidempa checked out Nutty’s songs and liked it, so Barbi Jay put them in touch. “The way you wine/breathe like” is a song they created. Nutty enjoyed himself at the Jahlive Studios.

Producer exo joined the jahlive family around that time (at the end of 2012), and to promote it, he created the all-star hit “magic Town.” exo was told by larson/kur, an editor at jahlive, that Nutty would effectively solve the riddle. Nutty completed his task after exo phoned him through.

Every step Nutty Neithan took brought him closer to the industry and increased his admiration for him. On Boxing Day, December 26th, Nutty met with Maro and Xavier from the vocal police. They witnessed him on stage and were impressed by his ragga performance. Nutty was reportedly running with Beta and Jay, who weren’t doing a good job of selling him. Then Maro came up to him and encouraged him to join the vocal police.

Nutty grew up with his major talent as a dancer but made a magical switch in 2012 to music. The influential artist has a catalog of bangers like ” Bakuwe Kyonya, Walk to Work, Binkubye, Kwata Eccupa, Lwaki Tonsaasira,Mulimuki” among others.